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Kundrathur Valeeswarar Temple Restoration Work on 16th Dec 2006

It was a destined day for REACH foundation temple_cleaners team to reach Kundrathur Valeeswarar temple on this 16th of December 2006.

As written in my tamil blog, it is so rich in heritage but the most ruined and not in spot light- this small hillock and its surroundings in Kundrathur. As usual, the Samarpanam volunteers turned up as well as another lone volunteer Mr.Danasekaran, all the way from Maraimalainagar who is a member of “Hindu Aalaya Suttham Seyyum Iraipani Mandram” having its office at the ShivaTemple, Vadapalani. I say ‘destined’, because on reaching there, I was not knowing which local guy I would contact, the one who would carry along this task of communicating with us, about the development of the temple work! Lo, came there a passer by, slowing down his bike.

He enquired, “Hey, who’s that? What have you come for?”
I replied, “Just planning to clean the surrounding of the temple and thinking of reconstructing it. I belong to REACH foundation”
“Thank God, He sent you! This was my child hood dream (he must be some where around 40 years) envisioning this temple to be a good one, re-built! What a coincidence! I am just going to arrange for my father’s 80th birthday celebrations, hurrying to call friends, relatives and happened to pass by through this short cut lane, to avoid the longer route! And my name is Chandrasekaran,I work for a nearby factory… and whjat’s your name?”
I replied, “Chandrasekaran”.
He retorted, “No sir, I amnot asking you to repeat mine; I asked your name.”
I again said bit louder,” We both have same name!”

I continued, “By the way. Who else can supervise things here afterwards? I need someone, preferably a senior guy?"

He replied,”It was in my mind. I will call him. He is longing to re-do this temple and was also involved in the construction of the nearby Vishnu temple along with his brother Baskar,” and he rang the other man. He left, giving his numbers, asking to call anytime, for any need.
I thanked him, he left. I turned around, just to receive the other man summoned by Chandrasekaran (local guy)
Me: " Namaskaram. I am happy you came immediately. I am Chandrasekaran from REACH. Shall we start?
He said in a surprised tone, “ I am also Chandrasekaran!!!” C lead C to meet another C!”
I said, "Add one more! Lord C (Shiva) decided to do this way today. So C made C to meet C and C in Kundrathur, to reconstruct His temple!”

As per the history on the stone inscriptions, it says that this temple belongs to the Maruthuva Andhanar (Doctor-Brahmins). Some intercept it as a community who did intercaste marriage, but some claim it as the Brahmins who were medicine- doctors by Profession (like those of Variyaars or Arya Vaidyans from Kerala).

A deaf and dumb volunteer, who now takes care of the make shift temple and the Shiva Linga there along with few neighbours did a fantastic job of cleaning along. We hired 7 locals who actually spoil the temple premises by dumping waste and garbage, by paying them heavily. That would have struck the right-cord! Now, they have promised that they would not misuse the temple land. Though heavily encroached upon, the neighbouring land owner over the side at which the temple front was facing, claimed that he had documents to prove that the land was his since 1800. (I was to ask what about the years before, but controlled my mouth, as I was keen on bargaining some piece of land for fencing around the sanctum sanctorum, at least a 10 feet passage. The elder Chandrasekaran knew him already and took me to bargain with him. He readily agreed!

Then, the speed picked up and by noon 11:30 we were finished with the cleaning.
We all members wound up by visiting the nearby Murugan temple at the hillock as well as the Perumal temple, as it was the Margazhi month. All temples seem to be built during the Kulothunga Chola period. The wooden piece top fascia carving kept aside inside the sanctum sanctorumof the Amma shrine within the Vishnu temple, is a great feast to our eyes.

Now the next step would be to take some civil estimators to get the cost of reconstruction worked out, and who knows… some more Chandrasekarans may join the workJ Keep a watch on this site for updates…

On behalf of REACH Foundation team

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


New blog for REACH Foundation for history and cultural lovers!

We have started another blog ONLY to write articles on the historical, cultural heritage and our glorious past! Articles and photgraphs pertaining to any historical site, informations, travelogues and articles arewelcome!
As usual, the temple visits will be updated here in this blog. Pls do visit http:reachhistory.blogspot.com

R.E.A.C.H Foundation.

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