Monday, February 06, 2006


the forgotten temple at Kovur.. .Climax!! and the next target..

We had a policy of not switching over to temples until one temple is finished completely. But Rajan Ganesh’s call today was really giving me immense joy when I heard the Kovur temple premises was cleaned much before we had anticipated!!

We had mentioned in our Kovur visit, that the local Panchayat President, P. Devendran promised us that he would clean the temple premises using bull dozers. I was told by Rajan Ganesh, that the President kept up his word and the premises looks spick and span!! The gate is getting ready and then we will be planting floral trees, thulsi within the premises. The temple cleaners conveys its special thanks to this rare politician who had kept up his promise!! We will once again plan a trip to call for a meeting and make the local villagers the responsible group to maintain the temple in years to come.

The next target is Thiruvenkaadu, which Mr.Sankaran, IFS had quoted to us earlier. I was told that the local villagers are also ready to join hands to clean this temple and one Ms.Lavanya a Chartered accountant with the World Bank, Chennai Branch also a scholar in studying ‘Kalvettu’ (stone inscriptions) has agreed happily to tour with us to educate us on how to clean such inscriptions and restore them!! She keeps traveling all week ends to many such temples to bring out the readings on every stone, which has buried treasure- our Tamil history. Her works and that of others are well recorded in http://www.varalaaru.com. I know her from my membership in other rich yahoo groups who are admirers of Kalki and his work Ponniyin Selvan. It is really heart warming that our hobbies turn out into a serious act, for the welfare of our fellow beings and to the common public!! I wish all our members talk to near and dear ones, and bring in more volunteers.

Me and Rajan Ganesh are in touch with other groups which perform the temple cleaning act for years and will try to make a mega group, which in future will work in batches the same day for cleaning more temples parallelly.
Mr. Rajan Ganesh will be informing us through our yahoo group mail about the route map and action plans.

great kaimkaryam u are doing .

Best wishes
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