Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I forgot to mention in the last 2 blogs, that the LOKA DHARMA SEVA FOUNDATION TRUST, (www.bnaiyer.com/LDSF ) in which Dr.Subramaniam is a member, had so far taken pains to identify the Kovoor temple, as well as this veNkadu temple along with Mr.Sankaran,IFS. They work in Tandem with their US counterpart, and they have also paid for the expenses we have incurred so far in these 2 trips! We are really lucky indeed! The first set of photos were sent by member Srivatsan, the kalvettu expert, and these sets of fresh photos were contributed by member Ananthakrishnan, a US returnee and an enthusiast. Thanks to both of them

Very nice, how is the temple now.
We have being researching some unknown temple undiscovered temples.
Please let me know if you any idea about this Lingam.

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