Tuesday, April 18, 2006


More Photos from Pazhaverkadu temple

Deep Routed roots making a sandwich between walls of the amma shrine

Monkey act in the pillar carved intricately!!

Front Mandapam crowned by trees

The alwars in a row inside the inner mandapam in their basking glory after an oil bath taken after ages!!

It is really amazing to know some thing like this exists in Hindu society. I am a devote hindu from tirupathi and srikalahasti area. I was lucky to born and tasted the rich culture of our religion. I have seen many temples which needed help and started doing individually what i could do. Though this temple is near by to my home town i have never heard about it. I look forward to visit this temple.
Hi could I use some of these pictures in my blog... I feel the pictures could attract attention when ppl. read my blog... from there I would like to http://templesrevival.blogspot.com/ . I hope this is okay.

If not, please let me know. I will remove the same from my blog.

btw, my simple blog is at madantalks.blogspot.com, but I do have some friends who visit.
thanks Vishwanatha Reddy,pls do visit and try to bring in money to rebuild this temple. REACh is there for you to help in this cause.
no problem V.V Thevan. Your spreading the message is good for the community and country.U may use these photos,links, whatsoever for constructive purpposes.
We have great cultural values and theories relating to our ancient spiritual feelings
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