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Agastheeswarar Koil at Pozhichalur – was also called as Thugazh Chola Nallur. This temple has a separate Sani Statue.

The presiding Goddess is Anandavalli Thayar and the Lord is Agastheeswarar . This temple is also called as Vada Thirunallaru, and is a renowned Nadi Pariharashthalam.

People around say that foreigners, North Indians throng this temple to do parihaara for their Dosha if informed through Naadi Josyam!

The temple is a 12th century architecture. It is said that the Sivalingam appeared when the native Mudaliars ploughed the land.

Agastheeswara temble in POZHICHALUR is one of the ancient temble in Tamil Nadu .Seperate Idol is for Sanieeswaran Hence it is a temble for Saniswara thosha nivarthi Sthalam. Not only that ;we can see a serpem(snake)with moon on its mouth on the roof of the Eswaran Sannathi. Hence it is also called as Kethu Sthalam .
I am interested in Agastheeswara Temple in Pohichalur mailing address. Can you help? My e-mail address is jsr84@hotmail.com.
Thanks in advance.

Recently pozhichalur saneeswarar temple lanuched their own website E-Poojas booking. temple webiste
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