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Guru sthala-(Jupiter) - Porur Ramanadeswarar Koil,

This temple is the situated in Eswaran Koil Street. This is also called as Uthara Rameswaram, and is being maintained beautifully. Well lit, the main Shiva Linga well decorated and taken care off. What is missed is the history and the stones bearing the inscriptions! We saw few stone carvings scattered near the temple well and it took some time for us to clean the mud covering the scriptures.
A guy who popped in said “ Many such stones were there. When the front Mandap was rebuilt using Mosaic, such stones ended up as base stones for it!" What an end to these scriptures!
The alternate to this Gurusthalam, is the Shiva Temple at Kundrathur.

Please do give few more details about the temple(ALL TEMPLES) like where it is place.how to reach the place. (bus number, land mark etc..)if you guys provide all the details. it will be easy for outsiders(out of chennai/Tamilnadu)to reach the place.
Hi Just clicking,
Tamilnadu Tourism has organised week end tour to all these places for just150/- Rs. per head.If you check the Mount road office of TTDC, you can get all the details. Advertisements are flashed regularly on this tour in vernacular magazines too. Check
http://templesrevival.blogspot.com/2006/07/navagraha-sthalaas-near-chennai.html#links for the rout map explained in the same blog
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