Thursday, July 06, 2006



Budhan Sthalam - Kovur Thirumeyneeswarar Shiva temple is the Budhan (Sthalam. The entrance is picturesque with an array of houses and tall Asoka Trees on either side.

This temple has the unique Maha Vilvam as its Sthala Vruksham. (Sacred tree in the temple) which has bunch of 27 leaves in one single stalk!!!

This is the place where Saint Thyagaraja sang the Kovur Panchartanam on Shiva.
This temple tank also needs to be cleaned.

Your earnest efforts taken on the revival of navagraha temples around chennai is high appreciable. This is indeed a devine venture. This is an eye opener for many spiritual aspirants.
Sarveshwaranukku nantri
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