Thursday, July 06, 2006



Sukra Sthala (Venus) :- Vellieeswarar Temple at Maangadu.
Location: Near the famous Maangadu Amman Temple

For ages the temple was in ruins, but now the current Trust of the nearby famous Maangadu Mariamman Temple, have understood that the Shiva Linga (Vellieeswarar) here was worshipped by the Parvathi in penance seen at Maangadu Amman temple itself.
Aftermath, the story goes beyond as Vishnu who solemnized the marriage of Shiva-Parvathi thereafter, also has a near by temple here. This Vishnu carries the jewels for the marriage in his hands!
All the three temples are near by (Vellieeswarar, Maangadu Amman, Vishnu).
It is said that Sukra worshipped the Lingam here.

It is believed that those who have eye ailments will surely get cured by worshipping the lord here.
The temple is undergoing major face-lift now but the Poojas continue. The temple will be opened to common public by October this year.

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