Friday, August 25, 2006


Latest on Azinjivakkam and Pudhu Gummidipoondi temples.

Thanks to Dr.Satyamurthy, some skilled men from his department volunteered to get an access of the cost and works for these 2 temples. The Azinjivakkam Panchayat president Mr.Baskaran and Pudhu Gummidipoondi Panchayat President Mr.Selvaraj, cooperated very well with us for carrying out the estimates, by getting ladders, measuring tapes etc. The estimates will be soon reviewed by our President Dr.Satyamurthy himself and an application will be forwarded to the concerned E.O and Commissioner of HR&CEfor further permission for re-buidling the Pudhu Gummidipoondi temple. As for Ajinjivakkam, a swamiji who had started the renovation work, from Andhra has to be met to work out a consensus, as to how we can proceed with the work, without demolishing and retaining the old temple tower.

The Azinjivakkam temple photos:-

beautiful vimanam

Kaali at the tower

added unwanted load on the top (which was not in the original- this has to be removed as per experts advise)

Small but beautiful

Pudhu Gummidipoondi:
Inside the sanctum sanctorum!!!

Bronze Nataraja

Shiva Bronze

The shrine-Shivalinga in dark :(

miga perumaikuriya muyarchi. Ellorukkum vazhthukkal. Ungalai thodarbu kolvadu eppadi? idthil eedupada virumbugiraen. alaipesi engal edavadu irundal kodukavum. en min anjal: balaji.srinivasan@wipro.com
Great work guys.. keep it up and keep going..
I, book marked your blog.
Thanks Balaji Srinivasan, Thanks just.clicking. You can contactChandrasekaran on mobile 9444441181, and ask for temple_cleaners or REACH (Rural Education And Conservation of Heritage). Thanks once again
Thanks for giving the contact number..
Sathiyan S / Just.cliking
Hello Friends, Navagraha temples are a very exciting trip indeed. Thank You.
I also have blogged about my own Navagraha trip we had with family a month ago with all details of transport, accommodation, timings, distance etc at my blog:


Please visit tye same and comment


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