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Renovation of Puliyur Perumal Temple

The Varadaraja Perumal temple at Puliyur, Kovilpalayam, near Karur (Trichi) was taken up for restoration by REACH FOUNDATION. The temple which was in ruins, is in the ancestral village belonging to the M.D of KUMUDAM Publications, a vernacular and popular Tamil magazine from Tamilnadu.

The visit and estimation was done in June 2009, and was started by July 2nd week.
The report submitted by our founder to the Kumudam Magazine M.D was as below:

Puliyur village located on the banks of Amaravati River is an ancient settlement of Vedic Scholars and the Cholas made many grants for the maintenance of Siva temple and the community. The Varadaraja temple in the Village could have been the contribution of the late Vijayanagara Kings probably constructed towards the later part of the 16th Century. The temple in dilapidated condition to day was originally a Garbhagriha, Ardhamandapa, mukhamandapa and a Mahamandapa.

The Tayar Sannadhi towards the south of the main shrine could have been added little later.

The Garbhagriha proper is simple ekatala Vimana of Nagara style and the Ardhamandapa resembles the Kadambanagara Variety. A close examination of inner brick corbels make us to find a striking similarity with that of the Orrissa architecture. The mahamandapa in all respects is a copy of Jaganmohan of orrissa temples. The front stone mandapa is simple prototype open hall but a very imposing structure. Probably the temple dedicated to Vishnu was constructed after the Pattern’s pilgrimage to Puri the great temple of Jagannath.

The Tayar Sannadi is a square sanctum, but completely dilapidated and the super structure is now missing. The stone walls are out of plumb and many stone slabs are found to be pilferaged from the site. It also has a simple front stone mandapa, but completely fallen in debris.

The site was thoroughly inspected and the following conservation measures are suggested.

  1. Due to vegetation growth, and non maintenance, the roots of trees have made gap in the superstructure and the walls. The door lintels of both garbhagriha and jaganmonan had cracked. However the is no damage to the plinth and the foundation. This can be set right by underpinning the gaps and resorting to grouting wherever necessary.
  2. Deplastering of the entire roof including the Vimana, Ardhamandapa and jaganmohan and watertighteneing is necessary.
  3. The front stone mandapa requires reconstruction. It should be dismantled carefully after documentation and reset with new foundation base. All the existing stones should be reused and missing slabs should be replaced with new ones .Jajja should be provided with the available members and missing Jajja can be replaced with new ones.
  4. The Roof of the Tayar Sannadi and the stone walls have collapsed. The remaining architectural members should be documented and dismantled carefully and reconstructed with the same stones. A simple ekatala Vimana similar to that of the main shrine.
  5. The front stone mandapa of the Tayar sannadi should be reconstructed worth the same available slabs.
  6. Both the shrines should be provided with stone flooring.
  7. The Vimana and the galadevatas should be done with lime mortar and no separate coloring is necessary and the color should be added to the lime mortar itself.
  8. The works can be finished with a period of five to eight months depending on the availability of correct granite stones and lime in time.
  9. The Prakara wall may be done separately.

In all respects it should be re-conjectured to be temple of 450 years old.


The progress is rapid with the support of the Kumudam family and the skilled inspection and review plans given by our founder Dr.T.Satyamurthy under the workmanship of Sthapathi Balan who also does work for ASI.

We last visited in November/ December and the work is almost complete and will be most probably consecrated by Feb/March 2010.
This is REACH's 8th project in heritage temple restoration.

The pictures are here for you

Sir, Glad to hear you people are doing great job!!May i know list of other temples[8] you are involved?
1) Thangi Vinayaka Temple

2) Uttaramerur Kailasanthar (742 AD Pallava temple)

3) Four Varadaraja Perumal temple in Kanchipuram, Semmenjeri, Periakovil and one in Madurai.
5) One Shiva temple in Ramnad whose details I am yet to get in for blogging.
6) Kuzhaiyur Shiva Temple near Mayavaram

Aroor Kalivaradaperumal temple,Anoor Perumal Temple, Amman Temple and Kattuputtur.
It is wonderful to learn that one of the very old temples is being brought back to life with the association of REACH and active participation of MD Kumudam publications. It should not stop here. The temple actvities should facilitate activities which lifts the well being and emancipation of the villagers. We have to use this temple to serve the villagers. Would reach come forward.

I belong to puliyur and i had left that place in early sixties. After putting in 30years in Central Govt in delhi I have been yearning to go back and give back whatever little I have learnt and assimilated to the village and the people there. Today I do not know what the village needs and what I can be any use. I do remember that there was an elementary school just at the entrance of Agraharam which is in a totally shabby state with no students. I understand that the village has 12-15% population of 5-9 years wandering in wilderness. Iam planning to start something for the benefit of these children after bidding goodbye to my master and employer - the central government in Delhi.

I would welcome views and comments of like minded people who have put in thier best of time, energy, resources in bring this temple back in helping the village of puliyur.

It seems my earlier posting has not been listed. It is a great job that you people are doing. Would be grateful to know if u also undertake welfare work for rural folks? In case u do i would like to be given an opportunity to join hands with you purely on volunatary basis
delhi 9810826691
The temple was sucessfully consecrated on 7th June 2010 with the grace of Lord Varadaraja Perumaal the reigning deity and co-operation of puliyur niwasis and well wishers.48 days of mandala pooja has begun on 8th June.

Any one interested in having a look at some of the snaps of the function and the temple may access the same through the links below.Pl copy and paste the link in the browser.
a puliyur niwasi and well wisher of REACH efforts


The consecration of the Puliyur Varadaraja Temple was concluded with the wishes of BhaktaKotis and the village people on 7th June 2010. The coming of this temple has rejuvenated the locals and all the Rath Yatras ["Thers" of Goddess "Amman" are being revived after a gap of 30-40 years]. May have a look at some of the snaps of the state of temple before renovation, during renovation and on the function day from the links given below. pl paste the links to reach the Picasa web albums


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