Saturday, February 27, 2010


Hundred Pillared Hall at Varadaraja perumal temple, Kanchipuram

The thickly lime coated 100 pillar hall at Varadaraja Perumal temple is being cleaned and the lime spoiling the beauty of the sculptures are already removed in the first stage of the project. Now the top stones which are dismantled are removed, worn out lime weather coarse are scrapped and would be re-coated with fresh water proof lime.

Photos are here to see

The sculptures, wall and other structures look so dilapidated! Kudos to the REACH foundation for carrying out this very important and much needed work on temples!

I have a question, BTW; among the various ancient temples that I have visited, in some temples, the sculpture of the main deity looks perfectly chisseled while in some others, the chisselled edges and facial features are not really clearly visible - there is a greasy deposition on the sculpture which blunts the image. In one particular temple, there was a news article showing how the greasy material was removed to bring out the deity's sculpture in all His Majestic glory. I don't remember where it was that I saw this - what is this process? I would appreciate any insight regaring this.
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