Friday, June 11, 2010


Perumathoor a temple near Chidambaram

Perumathoor Vishnu temple struck us by its imposing temple Gopuram making us wonder if it was made of trees! So muach vegetation and worser on closer look the base granite structures were stones pulled out from some other erstwhile Shiva temple and relaid to build the foundation of a Vishnu temple, ages before. So it seems wrong temple renovations happened earlier too :(
Now, when REACH members were returning from the symposium conducted for Uzavarappani members in Chidambaram, 0n 7-3-2010, the noon itinerary had this temple visit and live demonstration of how to use tree killer chemical to uproot vegetation on Gopurams and Vimanas. Now after taking it up for renovation, thanks to the effort of REACH Chidambaram chapter chief Mr. Aruneswaran, the M.D of Hotel Akshaya at East Car Street,. Chidambaram, the progress of removing trees and renovation has been rapid. The photos are here for you to see.

Compare with Perumathur Gopuram before the trees were removed... with the current status of the Gopuram after the trees were removed in May 2010 !

Efforts are on to constitute a local committee and then renovate with least cost..

REACH team

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