Monday, August 02, 2010


Pullamangai - the miniature marvel now becoming more worser

Pullamangai @ Pasupathikoil, as it is called by the locals, situated next to Ayyampettai on the Kumbakonam - Tanjavur highway, is a treasure trove for iconography, sculpture, temple art and miniatre lovers. This temple was renovated with shoddy knowledge and now there are more vegetation seen than before. We from REACH saw this temple, before we went to Mathur, the temple at the forest, situated at stone's throw distance from this temple.

A Early Chola architecture, epitome of miniature art this Pullamangai temple, also a Padal Petra Sthalam (பாடல் பெற்ற ஸ்தலம்) will soon loose its beauty if we allow mindless renovations. Trees are now full grown, which needs immediate removal. The over-done terrace tiles should be removed and the scrappy 'Salas' done should be replaced with well carved stone Salas.

The latest photos taken at Pullamangai by Chandrasekaran the PRO of REACH and Shriram's photos en-route to Mathur Vishnu temple shows the state of affairs today.

Old blogs(1,2,3,4) from our Moderator Chandrasekaran and few other interesting blogs 1 & 2 explain this temple in detail, but allowing it to detoriate is a serious crime to the future generation and to the everlasting Chola fame. Any listeners?

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