Monday, August 15, 2011


Rare Bronzes revealed in Vepenjeri renovation.

Last Saturday we unearthed rare bronzes in Vasthu Deva Pathi Sowmya Narayana Perumal temple, which we are renovating from scratch. The report in TOI and the photo links are here for you to see:

Rare Bronze sculptures unearthed at Vepenjeri Prumal Temple during excavation.
Please click on the following link to read the item:

Comment: ECR temple Bronze excavation

For AOL users: http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Repository/ml.asp?Ref=VE9JQ0gvMjAxMS8wOC8xNiNBcjAwNDAy&Mode=Gif&Locale=english-skin-custom">http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Repository/ml.asp?Ref=VE9JQ0gvMjAxMS8wOC8xNiNBcjAwNDAy&Mode=Gif&Locale=english-skin-custom

And the photos are here taken soon after the excavation

And here is BBC Tamil's interview and photos on this finding.

Amazing find of Pallava, Chola and Nayaka bronzes. Truly wonder-struck by the precision of the casting technique used and the gracefulness/ sharpness of features. Great job, REACH. Thanks Chandra for posting the find on FB.

V. Shankar
Thane, Mumbai
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