Thursday, August 25, 2011


Stone Vimana temple lying in ruins..

Go on Bangalore Highway, off. Ocheri, some 7 kilometers you will land at Pudhur Village. Interestingly en-route to this breathtaking Vikrama Chola Temple (1118 AD), you come across 2 Shiva Temples and a Vishnu Temple belonging to the Nayaka Period, also lying uncared and in ruins.
Cross Palar river where sand quarrying with Dippers are going on, on the pretext of excavating land for building a bridge...

And you suddenly come across this Beauty lying amidst a Sugar Cane field...
Here They Are

Ramesh Shivan, an ardent shiva devotee, working in T.N. E.B, who mobilizes Uzavarappani groups for cleaning temple in and around Kanchipuram, is keen on seeing this temple back in shape. People please contact reach.foundation.india@gmail.com for donations, to renovate this beautiful temple. 80G IT exemption available for all Indian donors.

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Hi I found your blog searching for confirmation of this story about a Vimana being found in Afghanistan being true or not.

There's this guy on this forum that says he knows the whole story, I don't know if I believe him though, he says the spec ops found it chasing insurgents into a cave and they disappeared.

Here's the link if you want to read the whole thing: Vimana found in cave truth or fiction?
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