Friday, October 19, 2012


100 pillar hall in Varadaraja Perumal Temple

The mandap is restored to its pristine beauty by us and we have so far completed the following tasks in the past 3 years of meticulous work.
1. Removal of lime from all pillars and bases.
2. Cleaning of whole mandapa
3. Strengthening the plinth and floors and relaying granite slabs around the mandapa to avoid seepage of water
4. Water proofing and re-plastering the entire roof using lime mortar
5. Re-sculpting all the lime stucco figures atop the mandapa
6. Laying  a 3 feet tall parapet wall around the mandapa
7. Stainless Steel railing around the mandapa

and finally we will fix spot lighting and electrification with pleasing aesthetics, to enhance the beauty of the carvings. Hope by this September end 2012, the whole Mandapa will glow as a remarkable land mark in Kanchipuram... And let's not talk of the work done around within this same temple premises, done by various agencies under the endowments department! God bless them :(

The steel grills work is shown here

visited this temple once. it is one of the best temple to be visited and famous temple in tamilnadu
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