Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Kundrathur Valeeswarar Temple Cleaning and restoration -II

On 4th November Sunday, we were determined to re-look the Kundrathur Valeeswarar temple, determined to see to that our cleaning work doesn't go waste. We went back to clean in spite of heavy rain. A JCB was put in force and braving cold and rain, some snakes, a band of young volunteers lead by Mr. Muthumani cleaned the whole premises.
We vowed not to go to any other temple for cleaning until or unless we complete the construction of this temple is complete. See in the right side the temple before and after removing trees!

Again, last Sunday,11th Nov- we had excellent progress. Estimation by Mr. Kanniappan from ASI, inscription estampage and deciphering by retired State Archeology epigrahist Mr. Krishnamurthy assisted amply by applicator Murugesan and member Chandra and some young boys from the volunteering group, Tree killer chemical application by Chandrasekaran on the 2 trees at the very place where the Shivalingam should come, as well as further land levelling and cleaning done by Muthumani's young band of volunteers - all went in ONE GO!
Plus member Ashok gave jobs to two poor people there, one girl Ms.Bhuvaneswari, who is about to complete her M.Phil in Biotechnology but
not getting a good job in her field and another man
Shekhar who's family is now maintaining the make shift temple. He was given the office attender job while Bhuvaneswari will join as coordinator in Mr. Ashok's Corel draw Academy. So, a whole- some day where progresses in all front happened due to the grace of the deity Valeeswarar who is now blessing us to complete this project in full swing! Bhuvaneswari, her 4 sisters and widow mother who have their hut just opposite to the temple premises have agreed to maintain a garden which we would be bringing up within the temple land.

The next agenda is on the ground to avoid further growth of plants and weeds. Both are estimated to cost nothing less than Rs.1,00,000.00. Well wishers please talk to builders, construction line philanthropists to donate in kind or to fence the whole place and to lay sand cash, or material. The photos are loaded in our yahoo group's (temple_cleaners) photo files, as well.
Reach us at reach.foundation.india@gmail.com

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Kunrathur is also where rahu temple nageswara is there?
Please tell me the route from Chennai as I want to go there....

Nagesh Chennai
yes, Nagesh, from Porur junction ask anybody the route to Kundrathur Murugan temple. Yes, the raghusthalam is also there, but that is near the bus stand. The Murugan temple is bit ahead. Ifyou stand facing the Murugan temple, you see a Vishnu temple on your left. A road goes besides the Vishnu temple and within 5 minutes travel, again on your left you'll se this Valeeswarar temple, getting cleaned. The contributions need not be given there as there are miscreants around. Better contact us at the address given in our web site www.conserveheritage.org
Chandrasekaran REACH team
gr8 work guys!! hats off...I actually got to know from "THE HINDU"
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